FunSeekers Vacations Showcases Tips For The Best Busch Gardens Visit in 2014

FunSeekers Vacations, an organization dedicated to providing travelers with some of the best in vacation industry tips and tricks, shares advice for all those planning an exciting vacation to the destination of Florida.

Funseekers knows a large variety of different types of families often flock to Florida during their spring and summer vacations, and the sunshine state really earns its name during these months of the year. Fortunately, this state is known so much for this style of fun that it houses some of the best theme parks in the entire world, some of which are within a very short distance of one another. One of the most visited of these is Busch Gardens.

Known for both fun rides and many other attractions, this popular destination here are some tips on how best to navigate around the park and how to plan the best day possible:


FunSeekers Vacations Shares Tips For Family Disney Vacations This Summer

FunSeekers Vacations, a leading provider of top-tier travel accommodations and amenities, offers travelers the opportunity to experience the vacation of their dreams. The 5-star customer service that is offered is unrivaled, and goes above and beyond the normal call of duty.

That’s why FunSeekers Vacations is now offering some easy advice to help all the travelers out there. One of the most popular vacation destinations that families all around the globe choose each year is Disney World. These vacations can often seem overwhelming, often because of things like overcrowding, dealing with long lines, and also the stress of trying to plan the perfect day. This is no longer a worry, because a few simple tips and easy tricks can help any travelersfeel more prepared for their Disney World vacation.

To read more about how to help your vacation easier and more manageable, please visit


Funseekers Vacations Shares Best Beach Prepardness Tips

FunSeekers Vacations, a leading provider of top-tier travel provisions, shares both high quality customer service along with world-class accommodation and amenities for travelers around the world. Summer seems to always be one of the most popular times for a vacation, especially since parents don’t have to worry about children’s school schedules. This, along with the warmer weather makes a perfect setting for fun at the beach. The experts at FunSeekers Vacations know a few ways to make your time at the beach a little easier to handle. Here are some of the best tips to avoid a bad day at the beach.

  1. Try this trick to help keep pesky sand out of the way while lounging at the beach. All you need is a fitted sheet and something to store in each corner to prop it up. This helps create a barrier that will avoid sand all over food or towels for those trying to relax after swimming.
  2. Nothing what should be a perfect day more irritating than unexpected wind. But there is a product out there that can help with this problem. Towel anchors easily hook on to a towel and just have to be propped in the sand to keep sturdy.
  3. For those who just want to work on their tan after a swim, a waterproof blanket is a must. These are often an affordable and easy way to avoid dealing with a wet surface that interferes with your relaxation.

FunSeekers Vacations Highlights Top Spring and Summer Travel Destinations

FunSeekers Vacations, one of the highest rated organizations dedicated to providing travelers with the best advice in vacation accommodations, activities and more, knows that when it comes to spring and summer travel, there are many destinations to choose from. Narrowing down many options while trying to please the entire family can become quite a chore. There are many different aspects to ponder about while planning the perfect warm weather vacation. It’s important to select an area of the world that has both beautiful scenery, along with fun activities and festivals to enjoy.

That’s why FunSeekers Vacations is excited to announce the hardest part of the process has been done for you. After researching some of the best places to be this year, the elimination process will be much easier amongst the exciting vacation destinations we offer for your consideration. Here are three of the best places to visit this year:


Funseekers Vacations Highlights Four Must-Do Things In Mexico

Funseekers Vacations knows that as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Mexico has many things to do and places to visit. Choosing something fun from the amount of things to do is not difficult, especially since Mexico boasts a rich history. Below is a brief look at the top four things you can do while in Mexico.

Activity #1: Visit Zocalo

The Plaza de la Constitution or Zocalo is the heart and soul of Mexican culture. It is the second largest public square in the entire world. All sorts of protest marches, political events, fiestas, free concerts and more take place here each year. The architecture here is impressive, including Important and historical buildings such as the Palacio Nacional, Museo Templo Mayor and Metropolitan Cathedral find residence here.

#2: Palacio de Belle Arts

Alameda Central Park is the location of Palacio de Belle Arts. It is a highly impressive neoclassical palace and a cultural center of the entire Mexico City. Primarily, it is a theatre, which houses the National Museum of Architecture and Palace Museum. The main attraction here is the Tiffany stained glass stage portraying the Mexican valley.

#3: Xochimilco

Without visiting Xochimilco, your trip to Mexico is surely incomplete. These artificially made gardens and canals have many different types of flora and fauna from the area that are very interesting to see. Funseekers Vacations recommends stopping in the canals to watch the brightly colored boats race by while having a picnic, the perfect summer afternoon.

#4: Plaza de Toros

Undoubtedly one of the largest bullfight arena worldwide, this massive space holds over forty five thousand spectators. November through March is the best season to attend because a lot of the bullfights take place during this time.



Funseekers Vacations Shares Tips for Overseas Travel

Whether you are traveling overseas, across the nation or even just a state away, there are actually some items that travelers ought to in no way leave behind. There are certain items that are a no-brain, obvious things like identification, a wallet and the clothes needed.  But there are other things that can often be forgotten at residence, leaving travelers with no strategy to acquire the items that are a definite need when away. Funseekers Vacations reminds that just before packing for the a vacation, create a checklist with all the products that you have to have.

Here are several other tips from Funseekers Vacations:

1. Energy Converter Kit – A energy converter kit is something essential for all those traveling out of the nation. A lot of countries use different kinds of energy outlets, creating a difficult circumstance to charge important electronics like cell phones, mp3 players, and camera batteries. But being prepared with this item will save many problems. Multi-unit kits are accessible for all those traveling to several destinations and country-specific converters are also readily available.

2. First Aid Kit – An emergency kit is something that Funseekers Vacations always recommend. Regardless of exactly where you will be going to, accidents can always happen and being prepared will very well help out in an emergency situation.  No matter if dealing with a tiny scrape or a bigger laceration, these kits really should include things needed for any type of injury.

3. Camera – Whether you choose film or digital, a camera is something that no traveler would want to forget. Without this, no photographs of new and fascinating locations will be saved. Many choose smaller, more sturdy cameras to save space and make for easier carrying capabilities, but remember DSLR provides higher quality photographs. Don’t forget the battery charger or additional memory cards if planning to take a lot of photographs.

4. Travel Maps – Even though most people have smart phones or GPS, it is usually a good idea to have an actual hardcopy backup in case batteries die or electronics stop functioning properly.

5. Insurance coverage details- Every little thing from vehicle insurance or other incidentals, bring the insurance coverage paperwork with you to be prepared for the occasion of any accident or harm that may possibly take place. This will save a lot of time and money in case any accidents do occur.

6. Comfy Footwear – Make sure to pack a comfy pair of footwear for the trip. After spending every day sightseeing no one wants to get stuck with sore feet. Even if they seem like a good choice, make sure that it’s a pair that’s been worn and tested to avoid pain later on.


Funseekers Vacations Gives Tips on Keeping Your Luggage Safe

Funseekers Vacations knows that one of the most irritating aspects of traveling is dealing with luggage. From ensuring that it fits height and weight restrictions to making sure that it gets where it is supposed to, these are just two things to consider when you are bringing checked luggage.

Though you have to leave some aspects of your luggage’s safe arrival up to those who will actually be handling it, there are some things that you can do to help. Take a look at just a few of the ways you can do your part to ensure your luggage makes it back home with Funseekers Vacations.

Aside from the obvious, simply not checking your baggage, there are certain measures you can take to ensure you luggage has a safe flight while traveling to your Funseekers Vacations getaway. Top ways that you can do your part to protect your luggage include:

Remove All Old Tags

The tag on your luggage is to help the handlers know where it needs to go. Leaving old tag on will just cause confusion. Don’t leave anything up to chance, remove all old tags while traveling with Funseekers Vacations.

Avoid Short Connections

As fast as you need to run to get from your flight to a connecting flight, this is how quickly your luggage needs to get there as well. Keeping in mind that you are just one person of hundreds of passengers on your plane and just one plane of literally dozens taking off and landing in your area, short connections will often lead to your luggage being delayed. If you must plan a connection, plan it for a bit longer.


Funseekers Vacations Highlight The Rules Of Flying

Funseekers Vacations understands that security while flying is a constantly changing affair. The rules about what you are or are not allowed to take onto a plane are always changing. The amount of time that it takes to go through security and what you will have to do when you reach this part of the airport can vary from one country to another. You have two choices about how to deal with this.

  • You can guess what the right way to do it is and hope that you do not run into trouble.
  • You can find out the rules ahead of time to avoid any problems.

Hopefully, most travelers will choose the second option remark the members of Funseekers Vacations. The only question is how to find out what the rules are. Like many things today, the best source of this type of information is the internet.

  • Airline websites – The website of an airline is a treasure trove of information. You can find out the size and weight of the bags that are allowed. You can find out what restrictions there are about what can go in a carryon and what can go in checked luggage.
  • Government websites – These also can provide a traveler with information about a specific area they are traveling to. Some destinations may have additional restrictions that travelers should be aware of.
  • Travel websites – These will help many travelers figure out exactly what they need to know. The only problem is they may not be up to date or completely accurate.

Funseekers Vacations says that a little preparation will go a long way when traveling. If you don’t want to be the one that cause any problems take the time to find the information you need before you travel.


Funseekers Vacations Gives Tips On Handling a Lost Passport

If you are getting ready to travel to a foreign country, you are probably aware of the need for a passport reminds the members of Funseekers Vacation If you have never had a passport before, you need to make sure that you apply for one several months before you travel. If you know you have a passport, you should make sure that you know where it is well before you travel. There are plenty of people who have a passport, but then the time comes for them to depart, they realize the passport is lost and they do not know what to do.

Follow a few steps when you have lost your passport advice the members of Funseekers Vacations.

Look for it again – Make sure that the passport is really lost. Take a little time to double check any place that it may have been placed.

Report it to the authorities – Your passport is a valuable piece of ID that identity thieves love to get their hands on. Reporting the lost passport can help you protect your identity if your passport does fall into the wrong hands.

Invalidate your passport – When you fill out the forms for the lost passport, you are making that passport invalid. Once you have reported it to the proper authorities, you will not be able to use it again if you do happen to find it.

Apply for a new passport – This can take time to get. If you do not have much time before you are traveling, you can try to expedite the process to get it sooner rather than later remind the efficient members of Funseekers Vacations.


Funseekers Vacations An Industry Leader Providing Top Rated Vacations

Funseekers Vacations is a leader in the travel club industry due to the unbelievable deals provided at some of the top resorts in the world.  When you are looking for vacation savings, you may find yourself searching for hours a day so that you may stay within your budget.  This can be an extremely frustrating process, and at the end of the day you may not be receiving the lowest possible rates.  This is why many travelers’ sign up for memberships with top rated vacation clubs like Funseekers Vacations.  A membership at this travel club you get the lowest possible price initially, so it becomes much easier to plan the details of your vacation.

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